As a young girl, you dream of the fairytale ending when you marry your handsome prince and ride off into the sunset like Cinderella. You never imagine the day to come so quickly...or your best friends' weddings to come so quickly.

Over the past year I've been in 6 weddings, and attended over 12. I have watched some of my closest friends walk down the aisle and marry their Prince Charming. 

I have nothing on Katherine Higel, but you could say I know one or two things about weddings. 

From choosing the perfect gift, planning the bridal shower for each personality, to the French and Ballroom bustle, I've done it all. While witnessing all of these special days and partaking in the blissful celebrations, I feel  so lucky to have been apart of each and every wedding!

It is important for all couples to keep in mind, that the day is about you, not the center pieces, or the catering or the band that showed up an hour late, it is about you two committing to spend forever together. 

I may not yet be married, but I have planned, attended and been in many weddings and understand all the work that goes into making the day perfect! Bismarck Magazine would like to help alleviate some of that stress by presenting Bismarck Bridal. Feel free to tear out the Bridal Edition of Bismarck Magazine.  and let us help you! See what's new for 2017 and the amazing vendors we have in the community! 

Happy Planning! 


Above photo by: Rachel Haas