Jordan and Kari Anderson, husband and wife, owners of Big River Builders offer many services, from new custom homes, renovations, and woodwork. They pride themselves on offering quality product that is unique and creative to each individual client. The Andersons believe that part of why their business is so unique is the involvement of their family within the business. Jordan and Kari have two boys, Trey (5 1/2) and Max (2 1/2), who are as much a part of the business as their parents. 

As a family they have decided to take on a new, personal project this year! They are building their new home for their family that will also include a space of conference rooms and offices for Big River Builders employees and clients. They got the idea to combine both work and home locations when they realized what they do so well, is family. 

"When you come to Big River Builders you get our family." 


We will be following the Anderson family and this project from foundation to finish in the next four to five issues! Stay tuned!