Are you sick of trying to plan and organize projects and meetings within the work place only to get parts of it organized and then emails start getting lost, documents getting mixed up, due dates being missed, etc.? If you answered yes to any of those, then CoSchedule is the solution to all of your problems! 

"CoSchedule is one of the leading, most popular content marketing calendars in the world." So how did they become the best and why should you choose them? Keep reading to find out! :)

CoSchedule is an easy to use software that helps marketers and project managers to see every detail of a project that they are working on, track progress of each members jobs, have a project timeline, discussion threads, and overall productivity. It also works well with other tools such as, google analytics, social media networks, google calendar, word press, and so much more. 

The tool is being built, sold, and supported solely from North Dakota. It was founded by Justin Walsh and Garrett Moon 5 years ago, they have two locations, one here in Bismarck and one in Fargo. They are continuously growing and adding on to the team, they hope to add on another 20+ jobs here in 2018. 

Not only is CoSchedule easy to use and the best, but its LOCAL?! We don't think it gets any better than that! 


**To learn more about CoSchedule check out there website here:
   OR Pick up our March/April issue to read their story.