When you think of a hero, you probably think of batman, superman, or maybe even wonder woman, but have you ever considered some of the people within your community to be heroes? Heroes can be as simple as the teachers, business owners, volunteers, coaches, law enforcement, firefighters, and many many more people within our community.

This month’s issue featured all of our Hidden Hometown Heroes that we felt deserved a little bit of recognition. We teamed up with Scheels and the Bismarck Larks to give back to those who do so much for our community.

On any given day, you could find a firefighter working hard for our community, at the fire station making sure things are constantly getting done and always ready for their next call. But, what you may not realize is all the little things that they do for our community that goes unnoticed. They like to educate on fire safety, organize fundraisers, and donate to those in need.

One fundraiser they do every year is the “Fill The Boot” fundraising initiative for  the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Fire Captain Joey Vander Vliet explained, “We go to various retail stores around town and encourage people to fill our fire boots with monetary donations.” These donations help families in the community with muscular dystrophy, fund research for new treatments, support MDA Care Centers, and assist in sending kids to MDA Summer Camp.

Another fun thing that our firefighters like to do every year is to deliver toys to hospitalized children during the holidays. “Not only for the kids, but for me as well, it makes all the stress go away. It puts life into perspective. All my stress and worries are nothing compared to what those children are going through.” Says Vander Vliet.

While we know them as the ones to save us from the roaring fires, it is the small, sometimes hidden, acts of service by the firefighters of Bismarck that have the biggest impact on our community.